About Joe Sellenheim

This blog is intended to provide its readers opportunities for reflection, chances to laugh out loud free of judgment, and tunes that get stuck in your head. In case you didn’t know, a song in your head is called an “earworm,” and they can power a leader or educator through any kind of day. Happy reading! ~ Joe Sellenheim


I am a husband to an amazing woman and father to two wonderful daughters. I love to be outdoors and do in fact enjoy long walks on the beach (seriously – not a cliché). I am a life long learner, love to read, believe that exercise “gets you out of your head” and that there is a perfect song for any moment. What if your life was like a musical?             …Spontaneous dance sequence, anyone?

Professionally, I spent the first 9 years of my education career as a music teacher and the last 2 as an administrator. These experiences have shaped me into the leader I am today and allowed me to work with all types of learners in every grade level (4K-12). In addition to newly minted blogger, I could be described professionally in the following ways:

Educational leader with a progressive vision for school success. Adept at analyzing data to develop creative solutions to complex problems while maintaining the scope of the big picture. Positive school climate extraordinaire focused on the well-being and growth of students, staff, families, and the community. Relationship craftsman with interpersonal skills that build consensus, collaboration, and an adherence to culturally responsive practices. Inspirational catalyst who manages diverse resources, attains ambitious goals, and carefully implements necessary change. Believer in the 5 P’s: Proper preparation prevents poor performance, and known for juggling multiple lit torches while executing unexpected, yet necessary, back flips to ensure favorable school outcomes (figuratively speaking).